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We offers a full range of residential, commercial cleaning and maintenance services.

Please call us to schedule your free on site estimate.


Our experienced team is at your service, our goal is to complete each job to the clients satisfaction, each customer is a unique and privileged partner.

Here is a list of general cleaning:


  • Maintenance, cleaning, dusting furniture, movable objects and surfaces.

  • Cleaning upholstery, carpets and matresses with a professional injection-extraction machine.

  • Cleaning all the dirt outside with a pressure washer.

  • Cleaning greasy areas with steamer.

  • Cleaning before moving in and upon moving out.

  • Clean windows, frames and porches (Residential only)

  • Car cleaning.

  • Ironing Service.


In addition to the above we also provide a tailor made service to meet your specific needs, our personnel can also help you when you are entertaining, we can help you with the preparation and also we can clean your house after a party or function.


We maintain your home during your absence and verify that your household equipment are all operational (Air Conditioning, Water Heater, etc...), we also:

  • Prepare your home for your return, cool your house and prepare the beds.


  • Clean your rental property before arrival and on departure of each tenant.


  • Provide laundry service using an external company.



We endeavour to meet your special requests, call us for a free estimate.

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